• New alliance provides access to start-up investment and commercialization support for Japanese innovators in medical devices
  • Worldwide networks open doors to developing markets to afford access for a wider community to cutting-edge innovations.

Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading based in Tokyo Japan, part of the diversified family business Abdul Latif Jameel, today announced a new collaboration with the Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development (JOMDD) designed to identify attractive investment opportunities in the Japanese healthcare industry and to accelerate the worldwide export of innovative Japanese medical device technology, in particularly targeting developing countries.

Established in 2012, with the mission of building an open innovation platform to provide an environment for the commercialization of healthcare innovations, JOMDD provides a haven to incubate breakthrough advances in medical devices and consultative services for the development and commercialization of these cutting-edge products.

With sales channels already established in 23 markets and a solid track record of introducing medical devices to major hospitals around the world, JOMDD has strong and proven capability to support Japanese medical device companies seeking global market access and distribution.

JOMDD networks are internationally widespread with strong access in North America and Europe.  In 2017, JOMDD established a US subsidiary supporting Japanese medical device companies seeking to accelerate international market expansion.

Start-up investment and commercialization support

The collaboration with JOMDD continues to strengthen Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading’s activities in start-up investment as well as to support Japanese medical device companies for market access, particularly into emerging countries.

JOMDD has established strong networks that include both academia and developers of unique and innovative technology.  By means of this network, Abdul Latif Jameel will actively approach Japanese healthcare start-ups looking for investment and growth.

Additionally, JOMDD’s expertise will bring significant value for Abdul Latif Jameel to pursue technology assessment and medical needs verification in identifying attractive investment and business development opportunities.  Through this, Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading will continue to strengthen its position as a value-add investor.

Opening doors to emerging markets

Combining worldwide network of Abdul Latif Jameel with business development capability of JOMDD, Abdul Latif Jameel will provide support to Japanese healthcare companies for sales and marketing strategy execution followed by depth of market analysis and connection through local key stakeholders.

Through investment in innovative medical technologies in Japan and distribution of Japanese innovative medical technologies into developing countries, Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading strives to continue to make a meaningful social contribution.