Digital transformation is by no means a new term, but digitization continues to have a direct impact on every employee around the world as it continually evolves and adapts to our changing workplaces. 

At Abdul Latif Jameel we address the ‘future of work’ agenda on a daily basis and have recently elevated our Human Resources team to become entirely digital, working towards process and software-driven data governance and automation.  This means our HR team has built a safe, solid, secure HR database which meets all relevant privacy regulations and provides our Associates with fast and reliable processes which are intuitive and simple and can be used from any secure mobile device or laptop around the world.

The transformation is a result of the impact felt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the adaptation that all Abdul Latif Jameel Associates made to their working practices.  The need to communicate with Associates around the world, working from home, was ever present.  In today’s climate, where many Associates are now returning to the office and adopting hybrid models of workplace and home, Abdul Latif Jameel is taking advantage of the generated momentum to continue riding the digitization wave even further, across all business functions.  The aim of the Human Resources team is to provide Associates with the best-in-class digital HR experience possible.

Faisal AbdallaFaisal Abdalla, Vice President, Corporate Human Resources and Kaizen, explains further: “A digital HR experience is a seamless online interaction with minimal or no human face to face engagement.  It is an opportunity to deal with globally designed HR processes on a local level and country agnostically while administrating required activities digitally – anytime, anywhere, from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop – using self-service widgets quickly and efficiently.

“In July 2022, we rolled this service out to six Abdul Latif Jameel business units in Saudi Arabia, as a pilot scheme, where we introduced a new cloud-based information system for Human Resources. Only a few short months on, Associates are already experiencing their first digital services utilizing a SuccessFactors cloud software by SAP. Abdul Latif Jameel entities based outside of Saudi Arabia will be encouraged to adopt SuccessFactor system soon.”

The Abdul Latif Jameel Global Human Resources team has worked closely with their partners at SAP Middle East and North Africa who hosted Abdul Latif Jameel’s Global Talent Acquisition pre-implementation meeting in Dubai in October 2022, where the digital transformation process was reviewed and praised for its roll out.

The main photo pictures Associates from Abdul Latif Jameel Global Human Resources, Saudi Arabia and Internationally based Talent Acquisition teams and Global HR-IT team come together with partners from SAP Middle East and North Africa in Dubai, UAE.