In the latest video short in The Jameel Principles series we look at the values and guiding principles that drive the culture of Abdul Latif Jameel.  At Abdul Latif Jameel, we step out of our comfort zone, pursue opportunities, and take calculated risks.  We appreciate the fact that our customers have choices.  We work to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty; for that, we always put our feet in their shoes and continuously strive to exceed their expectations.

A new video with Ali Haydar Bozkurt, President & CEO, Abdul Latif Jameel Türkiye discusses how we develop relationships with our customers and the importance of respecting them to ensure long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

In the video, Ali says:

“When it comes to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, we can find hundreds of different definitions and all of them are true.  But I would like to share an unusual description of customer satisfaction, which is ‘making life easier’.  We know that as human beings, we love people, or the entities or organizations which make our lives easier. 

“When it comes to customer satisfaction, we have to consider from A to Z and at each touch point, how we can make the customers’ lives easier.”

The Jameel Principles outlines that Abdul Latif Jameel respects its Associates’ desire to develop themselves to become better professionals and pursue a better life.  As such an Associate-Company relationship is formed, based on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Read more about how The Jameel Principles was created and the role of corporate culture in this Perspectives article with Faisal Abdalla, Vice President, Corporate HR and Kaizen, Abdul Latif Jameel.