In the latest video short in The Jameel Principles series we look at the values and guiding principles that drive the culture of Abdul Latif Jameel.  At Abdul Latif Jameel, we work with our partners with honor, integrity, fairness, and transparency. We work to find mutual grounds to guarantee success for both parties.  Our relationships span decades and can only be successful if they are built on trust and respect.

In a new video with George Wang, Country General Manager China, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors International, we find out more about how to nurture our business relationships.

In the video, George says:

“Our world seems to be changing faster and faster; it is becoming more challenging and competitive.  We see this constantly in the market, in which we operate.  To succeed, we need to be stronger together in every aspect of our business.  One of the most important factors underpinning our success is our relationship with our business partners.  Wherever we operate, we work with different businesses, which almost always includes a broad collection of partners.

“Partners who support us, enhance our customer service, and significantly contribute to the success of Abdul Latif Jameel. In our interactions with our business partners, we should always strive to develop and enhance our professional and emotional relationships with the intention of facilitating shared and continuous growth.”

The Jameel Principles outlines that Abdul Latif Jameel respects its Associates’ desire to develop themselves to become better professionals and pursue a better life.  As such an Associate-Company relationship is formed, based on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Read more about how The Jameel Principles was created and the role of corporate culture in this Perspectives article with Faisal Abdalla, Vice President, Corporate HR and Kaizen, Abdul Latif Jameel.