Respect is one of our most substantial values and has deep roots within Abdul Latif Jameel.  It manifests in respecting Associates, customers, business partners, and the societies in which we do business.

In a new video with Faisal Alsamannoudi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Latif Jameel Enterprises, and a grandson of our founder Abdul Latif Jameel, we look at the values and guiding principles that drive the culture of Abdul Latif Jameel: The Jameel Principles, and one of the most important of these: Respect.

In the video, Faisal says:

“Growing up in Abdul Latif Jameel company from an entry level engineer, and spending over 20 years in this great company, I found the value ‘Respect’ is one of the strongest values and main differentiator.  It doesn’t matter what managerial level you are in or who you are or even where you come from. Respect is a value that is practiced in different and countless ways.”

The Jameel Principles outlines that Abdul Latif Jameel respects its Associates’ desire to develop themselves to become better professionals and pursue a better life.  As such an Associate-Company relationship is formed, based on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Reflecting on the roots and proud heritage of Abdul Latif Jameel and how respect has been a core tenant of the business for decades, Faisal adds in his video:

“I saw it practiced with our founder Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel and the way he treated everybody around him.  I see it practiced between us as leaders and executives through recognizing and valuing each other’s capacity, strength, and achievements.”

Read more about how The Jameel Principles was created and the role of corporate culture in this Perspectives article with Faisal Abdalla, Vice President, Corporate HR and Kaizen, Abdul Latif Jameel.